Digital Scoring Made Easy

with the Scorecapture App

Scorecapture continues to drive the golfing world into the digital age in an effort create a more engaged and exciting experience when playing both socially and in competitions. We are delighted to add Gauteng North Golf Union to our list of partner unions we assist using our online and digital league platform.

Central Gauteng Golf Union were at the forefront of league golf and the first to go online using our tailor-made offering. Kwazulu Natal Golf Union were next and now with Gauteng North going the digital revolution we hope many more will follow. Our goal is to not only automate the whole process and in-turn decrease the admin for the union but to also increase the interest across all the leagues.

This can then generate extra revenue to assist with these endeavours in the future.

The Central Gauteng Golf Union has been using our platform for over 5 years now and have had great success at reducing all paperwork which then reduces the time-consuming process of capturing results. The scores are live, the logs are updated and all this using our simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete.

The club golfer wants a turnkey solution that they can utilise from the palm of their hand.
We know the phone is already the device most used to communicate, our app allows any golfer to score their game, use the GPS functionality and follow any of the leaderboards live. When we are talking about the leagues this becomes a crucial element when promotion and relegation is on the line or when coming down the 18th fairway and needing to know where your team currently stands.

digital revolution

Our system also gives more insight into individual player results. This comes in handy when selecting interprovincial teams because the majority of events are strokeplay. Our league platform makes the verification of results smooth and easy. The logs are updated immediately for all the see where things stand. Individual player results are also easy to find.It is also important to note we can cover both individual, betterball and foursomes matchplay.