Standard Bank & Louis 57 Foundation Tee Off.

For Women’s Golf Growth in Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay Golf Club hosted a groundbreaking event to launch a partnership aimed at fostering the growth of women’s golf in South Africa.

In a spectacular showcase of support for women’s golf development, Mossel Bay Golf Club played host to the launch of the groundbreaking partnership between Standard Bank and the Louis57 Foundation. The event, a non-profit golf day, brought together invited guests, sponsors, and representatives from four beneficiary schools participating in the program.

The partnership is set to make a lasting impact through a multifaceted approach, including a golf growth program in collaboration with four schools in the Southern Cape area of Mossel Bay – Milwood, Parklands, Hartenbosch, and Punt.

This initiative encompasses women’s informal golf development, reaching girls and women of various ages, with a structured program featuring a 10-6-4-2 angle: 10 female golfers, 6 clinics, 4 sets of 10 lessons, and 2 memberships at Mossel Bay Golf Club. The Target 36 initiative is also integral to the program’s goals.

While the primary focus remains on women’s golf growth, the collaboration extends its positive impact to the broader community.
A feeding program, in partnership with Princess Charlene of Monaco, is set to support a disadvantaged community in Albertinia. Additionally, Standard Bank and the Louis57 Foundation have jointly created a 3200 m2 play park for Garden Route Primary School, set to launch in February.

The collaboration between Louis57 and Standard Bank aims to provide young female golfers with access to the Louis Oosthuizen Golf Academy, presenting them with a potential pathway to become competitive golfers.

The ultimate goal is not only to foster talent but to create a lasting impact on the community through golf.

The gala event that followed was a testament to the success and purpose of the day. Immaculately organized, it featured a sumptuous braai buffet, award-winning Louis57 wines, and a plethora of other treats. Live music kept the celebratory atmosphere alive, capping off a day that was not only a sporting success but also a triumph for the broader community and the future of women’s golf in South Africa.