R&A: Women in Golf Charter

What is the Women in Golf Charter?

The Women in Golf Charter is an initiative launched in May 2018 and led by The R&A. Its purpose is to foster a more inclusive culture within golf worldwide and empower more women and girls to thrive and reach their full potential at all levels of the sport.

Numerous organizations and associations have signed on as Charter Signatories, demonstrating their dedication to advancing gender equality in golf. Together, they work toward a future where women’s participation in golf flourishes, and their impact resonates throughout the sport.

Here are the key points about the Women in Golf Charter:

Intent and Unification: The Charter serves as a statement of intent from the golf industry. It unites stakeholders in their commitment to promoting gender balance within the sport.

Encouraging Participation: The Charter aims to encourage more women and girls to take up golf, play the game, and enjoy successful careers within the golfing community.

Positive Action: It calls for positive action to support women pursuing careers in all aspects of golf, whether as players, coaches, administrators, or leaders.

Industry-Wide Commitment: The Women in Golf Charter inspires a collective commitment across the golfing world to create an environment where women feel welcome, supported, and empowered.

Inclusivity: By fostering inclusivity, the Charter seeks to break down barriers and create opportunities for women to contribute to the growth and success of golf.