Changing the course for Women’s Golf in South Africa

Firstly golf has been a male dominant sport since forever, but in recent years more women have taken interest in playing golf. 

It’s an incredible game and it’s played quite differently between men and women, believe me I love to see how the men can smash a golf ball 300 meters on the flight but I also love seeing the finesse that women bring to the sport. It’s a game for all and at any age. 

Now to growing women’s golf in South-Africa not only in gaining more women to take up the sport but also to grow it to the point where we have just as many women playing on the LET (Ladies European Tour) and the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) as we have men who play on their respected tours. To have more playing opportunities here in our beautiful country. 

I mean we have the best weather year round so how come we don’t have a year round tour for the women like the men? Here’s why, every time I’ve spoken to anyone about the fact that we don’t have as many events as what the men do or as much prize pools as they, they ask me why and my answer is always, there aren’t as much exposure for women’s golf as there is men’s, there isn’t much development for women or as many building blocks to get to the next step. 

Let me get into the building blocks a bit. You go from junior golf ie. foundation/ US kids to GolfRSA where you get chosen for national squads on your performance from there you could go to IGT or Bushveld Tour and then onto Qualifying school for Sunshine Tour or earn a tour card through one of those tours. As women after playing for GolfRSA as an amateur we have no choice but to go to LET Qualifying school or LPGA. 

Now how do we change the course for women’s golf in South-Africa to rise up and become great in the game we all love, more playing opportunities, more development for the younger generation, getting more women involved in the sport whether it’s to have a nine and wine with your girlfriends or to get a business deal done on the golf course. Growing golf for women is the next big step in my opinion.

This article also features in ISSUE 2 of our WWG Magazine, alongside many other great articles.