It’s time for you to dust off the golf clubs, hit the range, or call some friends for a Saturday afternoon round. If you’re like most golfers, though, that first day out is often a disappointment. Same thing for first-time golfers. If you’re picking up golf as a new hobby or heading out for your 20th straight summer, here are some reasons you should consider golf lessons.

1. you’re new

As with any skill, there are good golf habits and bad golf habits. If you’re a new player, though, you can’t tell the difference between the two. For example, are you gripping the club the right way? Grip it too tight or too loose and the ball can go just about anywhere. Anywhere but where you want,
that is. Golf lessons from a pro give you a stable foundation for building your skills.


Unless you live or spend your winters somewhere sunny, you probably don’t play for several months a year. While muscle memory will probably get you through a round of golf, don’t expect a great game.

When you do something on a regular basis, you build a kind of instinct or intuition about it. Let the practice drop and that instinct fades. Getting lessons helps you rebuild some of that intuition

3. to get an opinion about your gear

You might meet a certain kind of person on the golf course. It’s that person who constantly upgrades their clubs, grips, or balls based on the latest fads. For the most part, a good golfer will play a good round even with mediocre equipment. A bad golfer will play a bad round even with a titanium-infused driver.

If you still use the same clubs you used ten years ago, though, getting a second opinion from a pro doesn’t hurt. After the lesson, they can give you some honest advice about whether an equipment upgrade can realistically improve your game.

4. your game is getting worse

It happens to almost everyone at some point. For no apparent reason, your game gets worse. Of course, there is a reason. Say you twist your wrist and experience some swelling. It might feel fine by the weekend, but it can change your grip. A few golf lessons can help you pinpoint what changed in your game.

5. to REAch your upper potential

Most amateur athletes hit a certain point and their game stops improving. Age contributes, but it’s the rare amateur who plays at their peak. Golf lessons let you correct the flaws that creep into your swing or short game over time. Those corrections go a long way toward improving your game without adding countless hours on the range or course.


Taking lesson isn’t just for new players, though they certainly benefit. Lessons can help knock the rust off your skills or pinpoint why your game got worse. They’re also a very direct way to improve your game once it plateaus.

You can also get a professional’s opinion about your gear, which can save you some money in the long run. Ready to up your game? Contact the Pros to schedule time for golf lessons today!