Our business started as a hobby when trying to keep track of scores between friends and from there has grown into a system that not only runs small golf societies but major golf tournaments both on an amateur and professional level.

As a proudly South African company, ScoreCapture has developed a system that caters for over 50 competition formats, including strokeplay and matchplay options. The system is always live and has both mobile app and web functionality. ScoreCapture has taken the traditional pencil and paper and made it better, using the latest in innovation and technology to enhance any golfing experience.

If you are an avid golfer who likes to keep stats or a tournament organizer who wants to share live leaderboard links and display live scores on big screens, ScoreCapture has it all

Our app will become your new digital scorecard but with significantly more functionality.

- Individual golfers can score for their fourball.

- A society of golfers can run their order of merit.

- An entire club can run their major competitions. 

All this with the easy setup through our website or app.

The World Handicap System has challenged golfers with major changes to how golf is scored.

ScoreCapture alleviates the headache of manually having to do multiple calculations across different formats.
The system engine runs all calculations simultaneously from the simple score entry for each player. This enables players to run different formats, each with a different handicap allowance.

Our goal has always been to make the competitive nature of golf fun and easy to run, minimizing the associated admin. Our system handles the administrative elements and saves time, with results ready immediately after any round or competition.

Scoring and educating those who can’t score correctly is a major advantage our system offers.

A gross score is all that is needed to run all the varying formats being played on the day and the golfer can see exactly how the system calculates the points or teams Wouldn’t it be great if you could score, follow leaderboards, track your stats and navigate your way around the course using GPS all in one simple and easy to use app?

Well that is what ScoreCapture offers and all of the above is free to use for golf societies and individuals.

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