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Golfing Rulebook: How to Fairly Search For Your Ball On The Course

Apparently, this was one of the wettest winters in quite a few years, especially in the Cape. We have seen pictures and videos of golf courses being flooded and becoming quite unplayable.

Even now, after some sun and wind that should dry out a course, we still find areas of water patches and due to the wetness, there are many areas, especially in the rough, where tractors cannot mow and these areas are muddy and overgrown.

These circumstances lead to a higher number of balls being searched for and players having to spend a lot of time looking for their balls.

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WWG Magazine ISSUE #7: OUT NOW

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Digital Scoring Made Easy

with the Scorecapture App Many a golfer has grown up wishing they could compete at the highest level alongside the worlds best. Imagine if you could partner with the best golfers in the world in a major, playing courses like Augusta National or The Old Course. At ScoreCapture we wanted to change the fantasy sports world to make it more of a reality. We launched our Fantasy Betterball leaderboard for the 2022 Masters using our free digital scoring platform already utilized nationally by individuals, societies, golf clubs and tournament administrators. Our premise was simple; to allow the average golfer to choose their favourite golfer for the Sunday round of a Major. They could also choose their best score from the week of that major and we create a betterball leaderboard with the Sunday scores for all those stars making the cut. We will be running this competition for every major going forward, the next opportunity to pick your pro will be for the 2023 PGA Championship hosted at the Oak Hill Country Club in May. What better way to generate even more excitement around the four biggest golf events of the year. A world-first in the digital golf scoring evolution and more incentive to stay up to the early hours seeing who will lift the trophy.

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The 2 major changes, that may happen when we are playing a round of golf, deal with the procedure when dropping Back-on-the-Line (must drop on the line and ball may roll one club-length in any direction) and when a ball may be embedded right at the bottom of the lip of a bunker (may now take the nearest point as reference point, and not necessarily right behind the ball – as is the case in all other situations when ball is embedded in the general area).



Welcome to 2023 and what we trust will be a very happy golfing year! A QUICK RECAP During 2022 we started to look at the various relief options available to a player when finding the ball in a difficult situation and we especially touched on all the free relief options. These relief situations are contained mainly in Rules 15 – 19 and in our last article we began to dissect Rule 16, which gives free relief when confronted by any Abnormal Course Condition. January changes We have looked at all the different scenarios (Animal Hole, Ground Under Repair, Immovable Obstruction, Temporary Water) and now need to emphasise the finding of the Nearest Point of Complete Relief, the measurement of the relief area and how to drop within that area (all described in Rule 14), but we will take a break from this discussion to look at the changes that were made to the Rules of Golf with effect from 1 January this year. Why are there suddenly changes to the (new) Rules of Golf And how does it affect me when playing a round at my local club? The last huge changes to the Rules of Golf were made in 2019 and it resulted in simplified actions (all relief areas standardised) and also brought about situations where there are no penalties to a player for accidentally moving a ball (on putting green – just replace it on the spot; when searching for a ball, etc). Too many possibilitiesI have enjoyed playing under and refereeing the new Rules as it definitely speeds up the game and also help to get rid of bizarre situations (remember the tv replays to establish what happened). However, although it took 5 years to completely rewrite the Rules, it was soon evident that the authors could not think of every singly practical possibility that can occur on a course. That is why we saw “Clarifications” issued each term (to explain what is meant by a Rule and how it should be applied) and the introduction of additional Model Local Rules to address situations. Examples were the whole debate on when is a caddy standing behind a player when she addresses her ball; the replacement of a broken club brought in with a local rule; when ball played on putting green hits an object; etc. The changes to the Rules of Golf with effect 1 January 2023 thus had one main objective, namely to incorporate many of the clarifications and additional model local rules into the rules itself so that it is now part of the rules applicable to everyone without a committee needing to add it as model local rules at the club. However, the R&A and USGA, as writers of the Rules, also used the opportunity to make a few significant changes to the Rules. I urge you to take a look at all the changes (go to Rules at, but I want to highlight those changes here which may affect the club player the most.


5 Reasons to Consider Golf Lessons


It’s time for you to dust off the golf clubs, hit the
range, or call some friends for a Saturday
afternoon round. If you’re like most golfers,
though, that first day out is often a
disappointment. Same thing for first-time golfers.

If you’re picking up golf as a new hobby or
heading out for your 20th straight summer,
here are some reasons you should consider
golf lessons.