When talking about imagery both stills and video apply showcasing whatever it is you are trying to sell. Courses are most likely to entice more golfers to their doors by having an excellent visual library to use on all platforms. These platforms like a website, Facebook, Instagram and possibly TikTok will be discussed in the next issue.

For now, we are going to focus on how imagery manages to entice the reader.

Speaking of platforms how many of them are word based versus imagery or video. The answer is primarily imagery/video based and there is a reason for that.

The human brain is largely wired for imagery and been able to process images quicky to draw one’s attention to them. Words ‘disappear’ right after we read them, strong visuals on the other hand are kept in the mind’s eye for a longer time therefore strengthening the message to the reader.


Strong visuals direct more attention to the product than words and hold the attention of the reader for longer therefore giving them more time to showcase the product and what it offers.

They increase the processing time of the reader, and it is within this time frame the product is most likely to be retained by the reader for future reference. What the course looks like, the area where it is, the perfect greens and the signature hole for example. One of the most important aspects of strong visual is they assist in remembering. Therefore the longer they stay in the mind of the reader the more likely they are to remember your course and facilities when the need arises.

The value of a good set of imagery is undeniable and is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from competition while also creating a lasting impression in the market. Look at any top courses in South Africa and then look at the imagery they use, bets are they have had a professional come and spend time at their facility to showcase what they have to offer.

Mark Sampson has been creating golf content for over a decade. Supplying courses both locally and further afield in Kenya, Mauritius and Seychelles. His passion for the game, industry and well-manicured fairways can be seen through his fine-art imagery, course promo’s and hole flyovers.

If you would like to engage, check him out on Instagram/Twitter at @marksampsongolf or pop him a mail at [email protected]