Odyssey listened to the tour players requesting a comeback of firstly the Versa Alignment system and the White Hot insert on the face.

The Versa’s high contrast technology helps you align the putter from address to impact due to the contrast between white and black.


Odyssey also uses the red stroke lab shaft again with slight improvements. The steel part at the bottom has been shortened which makes the putter a bit lighter and the graphite part has been stiffened which leads to a more stable stroke.


The part urethane insert improves feel, sound and performance. I have seen many golfers for whom this insert works for judging especially the tempo of longer puts and trimming down on those dreaded 3 putts.


When looking at the bottom of these putters you will see weights on the parameters which help the putters to square up on off-center strikes.


The Versa putters come out in 5 different heads, The One CH, The Double Wide, Three T, The Seven and The Twelve. The Twelve comes out with 3 different hozels, double bend, Slant and Centre Shaft and The Seven in a Double Bend and Slant.

REVIEW FROM Melanie Frylinck: The Pro-Shop Somerset West

This is definitely one of the most stable, forgiving and best-feeling putters I have ever felt which will definitely cut down your score should you pick the suitable one to match your stroke.

I had to be very careful to make sure that I stay objective when I tested this range. My favorite putter shape is the Odyssey no 7, which I have in the White Hot 2.0. This Mallet shape with its fork-like shape just helps me to align the ball on those tester puts, the insert makes me judge long puts perfectly, and the putter squares up when I slightly move my hands due to the MOI. With this New Versa White Hot range, I could definitely see and feel an improvement to my old one. I found alignment easier with the Versa feature, improved judgment, feel and smoother roll with the insert and definitely more stability due to the studio lab shaft.

A definite two thumbs up from me!!!

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