Stealth 2 TaylorMade Driver

FARGIVENESS Truly Describes This Driver

Nearly twice the amount of Carbon is used in the new Stealth 2 driver compared to the original one. This is constructed using a new Carbon Reinforced Composite Ring. This enables Taylormade to increase the MOI by dispersing the weight towards the bottom and stabilizing the driver on off-centre hits which most of us have plenty of.

” I will definitely put this very sexy-looking driver in my bag. “

All of this mean that Taylormade is using Carbon on their driver’s face instead of Titanium or steel, they can then use more weight on the bottom of the club to make you hit straighter on a bad shot.

All of this combined with the Twist Face Technology will give you better accuracy, spin rates and distance. The sound when hitting the ball is very satisfying and sounds solid which also contributes to an exilirating experience. It is very important that you do a proper fitting when you decide to upgrade your driver. Yes, even if you are a lady and your handicap is high.

Your shaft should be fitted in your driver according to your swing speed and the adjustability of the driver’s head should be set up to give you the best results. Adjusting the head will give you the correct launch angle and spin and help obtain the correct shot shape.

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