Junior Golfers Stun The World on Kids Golf Podcast

The golf prowess of the 12-year-old from Uganda and 15-year-old from England have made an emphatic impact on the Kids Golf Podcast.
We live in a world where the internet and technology bridges distances and connects with people from different spheres. The sport of golf is making wonders as it builds transnational friendships.

The Kids Golf Podcast is a platform for young people, produced by and aimed at providing children with the opportunity. Junior golfers share their golf journeys, inspirations, and discoveries in the digital realm.

In a special episode 3 of the Kids Golf Podcast

A 12-year-old golfer from Uganda Christian Muhimbo the host meets with a 15-year-old. A young Ambassador from England Golf to her golf journey, her moments with Nick

Faldo at the British Masters 2023, her volunteer roles with the Golf Foundation in United Kingdom and how she is making a difference in the community. At just 15 -years, Ryka Verma, a student at St.Dominic’s Grammar School in Brewood who also doubles as a junior captain at Staffordshire Golf Club is making waves as an aspiring young golfer. Having recently met with former world number one golfer.
Nick Faldo, during the British Masters on hole 16, Ryka’s potential shines brightly. Ryka started her golf journey in 2017 and is currently playing off a handicap of 23.


Despite her relatively short time in the sport, Ryka brings a special passion not only for individual success but also for instilling the spirit of golf into other young golfers in her community and beyond.

Ryka has taken on the role of a young ambassador at England Golfer, a platform that aims to nurture and promote young talent in golf. She is also a dedicated volunteer at the Golf Foundation, where she works tirelessly to introduce and develop golf programs in various communities.


Through her involvement, Ryka aims to spread the joy and benefits of golf to young individuals who may not have had the opportunity to engage with the sport before.

As the junior golf captain at Staffordshire and a member of the 3 Hammers Golf Academy in Wolverhampton, UK, Ryka exemplifies her commitment to empowering young golfers. With her contagious enthusiasm and drive, she encourages her peers to embark on their own golfing journeys, helping them discover the many life lessons and values that the sport instills.

Ryka believes that golf transcends age, gender, and background, and has the power to bring communities together through shared experiences on the course.


Ryka expressed her gratitude for the invitation to be hosted on the Kids golf podcast to share her story but also inspire the young people in Uganda and the world at large.