Aramco Team Series: London

Being played at Centurion club which is located just outside of London. This is both a team event and individual event. HOW IT WORKS:

How the teams work is that the top 32 from world rankings that are in the field are captains. The lower your ranking, the sooner you get to choose (if you are ranked the 32nd highest ranked player you get to pick first and if you are the no1 ranked player in the field you pick last).

You get to pick anyone in the field that isn’t a captain (only 1 person). The 3rd player to complete the team is picked at random once all the captains have picked the first choice. From there you are given 1 amateur player to complete your team of 4. It is a 2 scores to count and the team with the lowest score after 2 days of playing wins.

While you are playing this team event you are also playing your individual game. The team event is only over the first 2 days and from there the winner is decided. The individual event ends on the 3rd day but there is a cut after day 2 (top 60 players). I am looking forward to the event.

I personally really enjoy the team events and I am the only player to ever win 3 Aramco team events with multiple different teams.

The weather in London looks good for the week and I know the course will be in great condition so I am excited for the week and can’t wait to see who my team is.

I am a captain at this years event and haven’t been a captain for the London event before. So I need to think hard about who I am going to pick for my team.