Helena Buitendag – Getting Started in Golf

PGA Coach – Strand Golf Club

In recent years there has been a big shift in golf with many ladies starting to play, are you one that is looking to start playing or have considered it but you just don’t know where to start?  Getting started in golf can sometimes be an overwhelming process. There is a lot of information out there and in that sense golf is a lot like eating an elephant, just take one bite at a time. Here are three bite size tips to help you get started:  

#1 Start with lessons from a professional. 

It is a technical sport with lots of information out there that can be overwhelming but if you start with the correct basics it will help you immensely in the long run. It is easier to learn a new habit than to unlearn a bad habit and the same is applicable in golf, it is easier to learn the correct grip than to unlearn the incorrect grip. If it seems intimidating to see a coach one-on-one ask your local pro if they have a beginner ladies group that they coach, these lessons are usually filled with lots of learning and can be a great opportunity to meet new golfing friends. Another option is to find a friend and do shared lessons with your local professional. 

#2 Dress like a golfer.

Most golf clubs or practice facilities won’t allow you to use the facility if you aren’t dressed accordingly and it can also save you the uncomfortable situation of a “know-it-all” personality having an opinion on what you are wearing. 

Top: A collared polo shirt is a must, no tank tops, t-shirts or halter tops.

Bottoms: Coloured chino’s, Bermuda shorts or skort’s with a belt (pants or shorts should have belt loops), no exercise pants or jeans.

Cooler temperatures:  Layer with a jersey/sweater or rainproof jacket. Some jackets might be limiting, take a few practice swings in your dressing room and make sure you can comfortably move in the extra layer.

Footwear: If you don’t have golf shoes, running/gym shoes will do to start with.

Accessories: A hat, cap or beanie, and practical sunglasses can be worn. 

#3 Don’t have golf clubs, not a problem.

Ask your local pro, most professionals have a second hand ladies set that you can use when you are at their practice facility. Ask some of your friends whose husbands play golf, most of them at some point most likely wanted their wife/girlfriend to play the game, and they have a set standing around the garage. Once you have decided long term that you would like to continue playing golf then you can invest in a set for yourself. Your local pro would also love to help you in this process. 

These are just a few practical tips to help guide you in the process. My passion in golf is growing the game and guiding beginners into the game, I love receiving questions from clients or prospective clients to help guide them in this beautiful game we all love. Let me know if there is a question that you have or any topic in golf that you would like to know more of?