Ernie Els #GameOn AutismTM Golf is a new, innovative program, developed by Els for Autism in collaboration with PGA Reach and The First Tee, that gives children and young adults on the spectrum, ages 6- 23, access to the game of golf. The program is aimed at developing life skills, encouraging social interaction and promoting healthy living through golf.

Ernie Els #GameOn AutismTM Golf is designed to build self-esteem and confidence in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment;

Encouraging participants to learn golf skills while practicing specific autism learning concepts. #GameOn Autism Golf clinics were first trailed in 2013 in the U.S. alongside the Els for Autism Golf Challenge series.


Beginner Clinics were held for the first time outside of the U.S. throughout South Africa in 2015, with the 12 session curriculum being launched in 2017.

Ernie Els #GameON AutismTM Golf sessions include specialized golf instruction that exposes players to basic golf concepts through structured learning stations. Clinics also feature structured stretching / kinaesthetic activity and healthy refreshment.

About the Ernie Els GameON Autism Golf Program:

For each session, we will begin with a group review of rules and visual aids, as well as group stretching. We then break out into three groups, where players will be exposed to four 10-minute stations focusing on various golfing activities (with a bathroom and water break in between). This is then followed by snack time and a nice group photo. Each session thus runs between 60 and 90 minutes. Our main goal is to use the game of golf to let attendees have fun and enjoy a new experience.

Throughout the 12 session course, students will exercise and work on new golf skills, while practicing specific autism learning objectives that are infused into every #GameON Autism Golf session.


Participation in physical activities, sports and games improves the quality of life for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), in addition to physical health benefits, all involve levels of independence and choice making for the participants.

These activities can increase self-worth and confidence while providing new opportunities to develop and build friendships, relationships, and deeper ties to the community.

Through the Ernie Els #GameON AutismTM Golf initiative,

Els for Autism is spreading autism awareness within the golf community. Through education and the development of partnerships with autism organizations, PGA Teaching Professionals and golf courses, the program’s wider goal is to make golf clubs welcoming environments for people on the spectrum.


Once the Sessions have been confirmed, we will be sending 2 forms for families of students participating to fill out, namely: A Registration form for each participant Indemnity form, which includes permission for media purposes.

We will then liaise with the school or organisation directly to ensure all other plans are in place to help ensure this is an incredible experience for all involved. There will also be a third document, to collect information of the prospective attendees, that we require before the day as part of the organisation for the event.