After two years of restrictions

It was finally possible to start traveling again in 2022. Let’s be honest, at this point we were exhausted from day trips and were looking forward to finally broadening our horizons and seeing more.

The first trips were a bit difficult as we had to stay flexible and keep our nerves in check. Our accommodations were canceled at short notice due to Covid cases or plans were thrown off due to other Covid related incidents. Holidays under difficult circumstances. However, finally being able to travel again and broaden your horizons… That’s drives you.

And why fly when you can travel through this beautiful country by car?

Luckily however, South Africa is a big place and therefore can be traveled well at any time of the year to absolutely stunning destinations. There are many privately run guesthouses with excellent service and sightseeing ideas. Fancourt Links left such a special impression that we wanted to travel there again. The resort at that time was offering a two-night stay and play on all three Fancourt golf courses for R11,000. A price worth paying for staying, playing and traveling.Then Sun City with its two championship golf courses With its many sources of entertainment and proximity to the Kruger National Park. Sun City is still firmly on our bucket list. The area promises an adventurous holiday with a completely different impression than you would get on the Garden Route or in Cape Town comparitively.


At the end of the year the SA-Mid-Am Tournament is a must see for every ambitious golfer and a great opportunity to plan your trip around it, make new friends and challenge yourself as a golfer.

All in all, we had an exciting 2022 and are looking forward to an even more impressive 2023.