GOLF IN SEYCHELLES with Winsel Pothin (Sly)

I have always loved golf, i guess growing up close to the course really played a huge part of it. In my teens i would go down on the 7th tee with the local boys and we only had a putter, pitching wedge and a seven iron. We would make the most of it every single day. I just fell in love with the sport.

I play often at the Seychelles golf club at Anse Aux Pins on Mahe the main island, that is where i am a member at, but i do also go to play Lemuria Golf Course in Praslin, the 2nd Island and that is the also very stunning and challenging.
My coach is William Weidner, PGA Pro now under the SA PGA. he has helped, coached and groomed so many of us. Filled with experience and wisdom, he has helped take my game to a new level, one where i can actually, confidently score points.


I just love the feeling of not knowing what will happen today or tomorrow when i play.
Whether my game will be good or not and the feeling of scoring is just amazing, making new friends and just having a great time on the course. I have 2 children, my eldest my son (Jake) also plays golf and loves it, so we push each other to get better at this game, i am hoping that someday my daughter also takes up the game.