The aim of the Sunshine Ladies Tour

The aim of the Sunshine Ladies Tour is to provide a platform for women golfers to display their talent on a local and international stage, giving them the opportunity to achieve their greatness while making a living.

The growth of the Ladies Tour has a positive impact on growing the game of golf professionally, but also will attract more young women to the sport at an early age, increasing diversity and inclusivity of golf across South Africa.

How do you qualify for the Sunshine Ladies Tour?


Is, you simply declare yourself a professional and sign up for the Monday qualifier for a professional Ladies’ event. If you finish high in the qualifier, you’ll get one of the very few spots that get into the tournament through this route.


Is the path to going professional in Golf is similar for both men and women. There is a general evolution of your career that will take place. The journey to being a professional golfer is long and requires a head strong attitude towards hard work and dedication. However, an understanding of what this progress is below.


First step is to get in touch with a coach and getting a low handicap by playing rounds and recording your score and becoming a member at a club.
If you are a junior (i.e. you have not yet reached the age of 19) you should be playing tournaments in the Junior golf tournaments and joining a club to start recording your handicap. There are many junior tournaments every year.


The next step is Amateur golf, Golf RSA which will ultimately allow you to evaluate your skill level and help you decide whether or not you want to pursue a professional career. Working hard and continuing to gain low scores.

Amateurs can enter the Sunshine Ladies Tour event with a handicap of 2 or less. Limited spots are available and Pre Qualifying events are held for a few spots to compete in the main event. Finally, you would need to give up your amateur status. Amateurs wishing to apply for a change in their status to the WPGA (Women’s Professional Golf association) are then given an amateur status confirmation application form which they need to fill in and send to GOLF RSA for verification. Basically this is a verification of their playing history and this is the only responsibility of GOLF RSA. This application is returned to WPGA for processing. Once Successful the WPGA notifies GOLF RSA and changes your status from Amateur to Professional