q&a with eleonora galletti

By Balderstone sports institute

How did you get into golf and at what age?

A. Golf wasn’t a choice of mine when I first started, my father was passionate about the sport and got me into the sport from the young age of 6, taking me to lots of lessons and entering me into “Little Kids Golf” tournaments, and ever since I have just followed through with the sport and loved it ever since.

What made you enrol at BSI in 2016 as a high school student in their Junior Academy Golf Program?

A. I first attended St Teresa’s School from primary to high school. I never had much time to practice seriously during the week, so I would only practice on the weekends. I was also always away for golf tournaments, but still managed to keep up with school work.

In the beginning of Grade 11 my family and I got to hear and know about BSI (then known as TGSE), we did some research and thought it would be a great balance between school work and golf, where I would attend school from 08:00am – 12:00pm and then from 1:00pm – 5:00pm we would have gym and golf training. Yes, the days were longer but more balanced for me, an aspiring serious golfer, and so we jumped to the opportunity to enrol.

You were enrolled into a sports specific high school program, and you matriculated through the BSI Study Centre. How did you find this help with:

(A) Academics – Time and flexibility

A. In terms of time and flexibility – this program helped my academic side owing to the fact that we could do the school work at our own pace, as long as we met the deadlines.

(B) your golf game

A. This program specifically caters for a balanced structure between academics and sports in its schedule. As I said, the days were longer than I was used to at St Teresa’s but it enabled me to really focus more on my golf, which before was not so possible.

Since graduating from High School, what has your career journey been?

A. I matriculated in 2017 with a Bachelors Pass, and in 2018 I took a gap year where I worked for some promotion companies part-time in order to earn some money and played a lot of golf. Then in 2019 I started university and enrolled in Varsity College where I studied a Bachelor in Corporate Communications until 2021 and graduated with Cum Laude. Near the end of my university path, I received an opportunity to work part-time (until I finished my studies) in the Financial Department as a Financial Administrator at a Corporate Investments company in Sandton, and now have been working there full-time ever since.


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