Picture Perfect: Engaging With Your Market

Having a Great Set of Visuals is Only The first Step…

In the last article we spoke about high quality visual content versus words and why imagery is more enticing and draws the reader in to increase the likelihood of sales. Having a great set of visuals is only the first step. The next question then is how you engage with your market and which of the many available platforms out there are a fit for you.

How do you even know if the market you are trying to engage with is on the huge variety of platforms which include Face Book, Snap Chat, Instagram, Pin Interest and Twitter. A little overwhelming indeed.

In the good old days print media was the one and only way to go as it was a captive audience who would buy a golf specific magazine thus guaranteeing engagement with your market. Unfortunately print media is dying a slow death and digital is taking over with South Africa only having two genuine monthly, or bi-monthly, publications left. We Woman Golf been one of them. It is definitely a great way speak directly to your clients and make them aware of your presence.


The social media route then leaves a maze of options. Using your content on your accounts organically is one way to do it. While free it may be a lot slower and not reach as many relevant people as possible. This then leaves the only other option in paid media.

As they say nothing is for free and paying for you adds to be directed towards a specific age group, gender, location and salary bracket will create more leads and end up with more sales.


Recent surveys have shown that 75% of Gen Zers and 48% of millennials decide to purchase items based on the influence of social media. This then leads us onto another option, the prickly subject of influencers and micro-influencers. In the golf industry specifically, it is becoming more common for large companies to use influencers rather than journalists to cover an event.

One such case is the host of the final event on the European Seniors Tour (Legends Tour as it is now known) the MCB Tour Championship in Mauritius. Constance Hotels and Resorts have in recent time started to invite influencers from across the globe to showcase the event through their various channels.

It certainly can be a very confusing road to navigate and that is why it is best to engage with someone in the industry who specialises in social media marketing.