Picture Perfect: Driven by Imagery


The entity in charge of promoting our beautiful country – The goals they try to achieve through marketing initiatives strive to create an emotional connection within the tourism market by showing the market our way of life, people, varying landscapes and country in general. How? Through visuals.

Further to this the primary initiatives to drive the strategy are: A focussed, cost effective and customer-driven approach to international marketing operations. A strong digital strategy, based on interacting with travellers on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc

Participation at major travel shows; hosting trade, media and other guests to South Africa at specialised events and holding education work sessions. Show, visual, emotion, entice words all continually and consistently used throughout the various campaign on various social media platforms all of which are driven by quality content.

South Africa’s entire tourism sector is driven by imagery, whether it be stills or video, to entice and grow the industry. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough and the difference that enticing, and impactful imagery makes to any business cannot be overestimated. It is this split second where a potential client happens upon your product whether it be in print or digital and see’s something of interest to stop them scrolling.

The information, or copy, used to further sell the product then becomes important in sealing the deal. Without sounding like a broken record, the importance, and value imagery brings to your business cannot be stressed enough.

And it is not only in selling the product but also enhancing its reputation withing the market and adding value to the brand as a whole.
The great news is with all the various platforms now available in the digital market imagery can be used many times meaning the returns from investing in a shoot are greatly increased. In the right hands a good set of imagery can be used for a few years before it needs updating.

food for thought, see you on the fairways

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Mark Sampson has been creating golf content for over a decade. Supplying courses both locally and further afield in Kenya, Mauritius and Seychelles. His passion for the game, industry and well-manicured fairways can be seen through his fine-art imagery, course promo’s and hole flyovers. If you would like to engage, check him out on Instagram/Twitter at @marksampsongolf or pop him a mail at [email protected]