Letitia Roestoff: Guiding The Greens With Excellence

In the world of golf, few names stand out like that of Letitia Roestoff.

With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Letitia has made an indelible mark on the golf industry through her dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a respected Golf Director and General Manager is a testament to her passion and unwavering work ethic.


  • South Africa, Asia and Europe Ladies Tours
  • Played college golf for the University of Missouri
  • 1st South African Amateur and Junior Championship

Skills that Define Excellence

Letitia Roestoff’s career is underpinned by an array of skills that set her apart as a true leader: Customer Service: Letitia’s innate ability to provide superior customer service has been the cornerstone of her success. Her personalized approach ensures that every golfer’s experience is memorable and fulfilling.

Operations and Project Management: Over the years, Letitia has displayed a remarkable knack for overseeing and managing complex golf operations. From coordinating corporate and member days to organizing club and league tournaments, her adept project management skills have always shone through.

Clubmaster Knowledge: Letitia’s extensive knowledge of golf clubs’ inner workings, coupled with her proficiency in golf rules and regulations, has earned her the prestigious Level 2 Examination in the Rules of Golf by GolfRSA in 2021.

Problem-Solving: Letitia’s analytical mind and quick thinking have consistently come to the forefront when navigating challenges on and off the golf course. Her adeptness at finding solutions has greatly contributed to the success of various projects.

Money Management: As a meticulous steward of resources, Letitia’s expertise in money management has led to consistent budget achievements and favorable margins.

Strong Communication: Letitia’s gift for communication not only enhances her relationships with golfers and colleagues but also ensures a harmonious environment within her teams.


Letitia Roestoff’s accolades and accomplishments speak volumes about her contributions to the golf industry: Awarded the prestigious SABC Sport Golf Award in 2006, a testament to her enduring dedication and impact in the field.

Recognized as a finalist in the Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year Awards, reflecting her significant influence and achievements in golf management.

Successfully achieved the Advanced Certificate in Management Practice and the Certificate in Management Development Program, further enhancing her leadership skills.

Navigating the Fairway

Golf Director | Sales Manager | Houghton Golf Club | 2019 – Present

At Houghton Golf Club, Linda leads with finesse:
Manages golf operations, overseeing both corporate and member days. Orchestrates club and league tournaments that thrill golfers and spectators alike. Conducts professional development and training initiatives for her team, nurturing talent and ensuring operational excellence.

A Journey Paved with Education

Letitia Roestoff’s educational background is as impressive as her career. Certified PGA Professional Diploma from the PGA of South Africa, a testament to her commitment to mastering her craft. Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Missouri Columbia, a reflection of her dedication to hospitality and management excellence.

Letitia’s Legacy Continues

As Letitia Roestoff’s journey continues, her unwavering passion for golf, matched with her expertise, is sure to inspire future generations of golf enthusiasts and industry professionals. With her focus on customer service, operations, and leadership, she is bound to continue enriching the world of golf for years to come.