Jenny Havenga owner, founder and promoter of the Standard Bank Pro-am Series and Standard Bank Golf Development Programme.

The brainchild behind the series. Golf has been an integral part of my life since the age of 15. For most part of 38yrs I’ved played off single Figures and played provincial golf for 10 years in my twenties. Golf, health and property development have been an integral part of my business over the past 30 yrs.
Knowing how difficult sponsorship for women’s golf is, I took it on to host a few pro-am events to create opportunities for women pro’s to play For a prize-fund (which I sponsored with minimal resources) For 3 yrs I hosted a few of these events and in 2019 Standard Bank saw our vision And came on board officially in 2020 as our Naming Right and title sponsor.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

This old adage rings true for us at Lifestyle Golf because, as you may know, that along with our associates the Women’s Professional Golf Association we have come a long way in seeing this series come to life.

Thank you Standard Bank, as our title and naming right sponsor we are truly honoured to have a corporate partner that shares our vision and mission Together Lifestyle Golf, WPGA and Standard Bank collectively have embarked on a momentous journey.Through our collective work in creating this series and its developmental programme, we will look back and know how the landscape of womens golf changed in this country.


Through our golf development programme, we’re creating a gift that future generations of women golfers in South Africa can appreciate. The Standard Bank Golf Development girls showcased their golf development progress today, coaching that commenced over a year ago and has been amazing to witness the potential and progress these girls have made.

To the lady pros from when we started until this moment, you have continued to impress all of us and you have continued to show us that great golf is indeed great golf, the scores we see attest to this fact. Keep shining and impressing us with your talent and scores. As they say the more you practice the luckier you get!