GOLF PSYCHOLOGY: The Remarkable Narrative of Women’s Golf in South Africa


The world of golf has traditionally been perceived as a male-dominated sport, with men’s tournaments receiving the lion’s share of attention and resources. However, South Africa is witnessing a remarkable shift in the dynamics of golf, as women’s participation and success in the sport have soared in recent years.

With a renewed focus on equality and inclusivity, South Africa has emerged as a shining example of the development of women’s golf.
Let’s delve into the journey and progress of this captivating movement.

Historically, women’s golf in South Africa faced several challenges, including limited opportunities for competitive play, gender bias, and societal norms that restricted female involvement in the sport. However, the past decade has witnessed a seismic shift in this landscape. Visionary leaders within the South African golf community, along with the tireless efforts of passionate individuals and organizations, have paved the way for women’s golf to flourish.


The development of women’s golf in South Africa has been spurred by a strong commitment to equality and inclusivity. National golf associations, in collaboration with clubs and sponsors, have taken significant strides to ensure equal access to training facilities, coaching programs, and tournaments for female players.

The introduction of gender-specific initiatives, such as the Women’s Golf South Africa (WGSA), has provided a platform for women golfers to connect, compete, and grow in the sport. Having had the opportunity to work with the National squad there is undoubtedly a rise in the belief that our young female athletes can compete with the best in the world and forge a career out of golf.

If you dream it You can achieve it

South Africa is busy cultivating a mindset in our female golfers that …

One key element

One of the key elements driving this mental growth of women’s amateur golf in South Africa is the shift in mindset among players and Stakeholders. There has been a conscious effort to recognize the importance of mental resilience and psychological preparation in enhancing performance.

Both players and coaches have come to understand that golf is not merely a physical sport but also a mental battle, requiring a strong mindset and emotional control.

The increase in female athletes seeking to develop and improve their mental game in collaboration with the physical, technical and tactical components of golf has led me to believe that the increase in performance of our young female golfers in the last five to ten years is far from coincidental. South Africa has for years produced a wave of remarkable female golfers who are making their mark both domestically and internationally.

The likes of Lee-Anne Pace, Ashleigh Buhai, Stacy Bregman and Nicole Garcia have emerged as accomplished golfers, paving the way for aspiring young players. Their achievements on the global stage have not only garnered attention but also inspired a new generation of female golfers to dream big and push the boundaries of what is possible.

It won’t be long until names such as Caitlyn McNab and Kyra van Kan become household names in South Africa and even the world. We should also recognize that our young amateur golfers are becoming inspirational stakeholders for the development of women’s golf in our older female golfers as well. It is remarkable to see how the growth in the number of women’s golfers around the country has soared.

Female golfers taking up golf for the first time are being driven by the accomplishments and successes of our young amateur golfers. Long may this narrative continue.

While significant strides have been made, the journey towards full equality in women’s golf is an ongoing one. Continued investment, both financially and psychologically is crucial for sustaining this upward trajectory. Building partnerships with sponsors, media outlets, and golfing bodies will amplify the visibility and impact of women’s golf in South Africa, attracting more resources and opportunities for growth.

The development of women’s golf in South Africa stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, inclusivity, and progressive thinking. Through strategic initiatives, investment in junior programs, and the rise of exceptional talent, South Africa has shown the world that women’s golf can thrive with the right support and opportunities. As the nation continues to break barriers, it sets an inspiring example for other countries seeking to empower and elevate women in sports. With every swing, South African female golfers are reshaping the narrative and redefining the game of golf.