The Benefits of Fasting

Article by Johan Jacobs


We are addicted to too much food and the wrong food.

 In general, in our western civilization we live in a time of an abundance of food, gadgets, technology, etc. Not so long ago, our forefathers ate far less than our modern dispensation that is currently roaming in the ‘modern artificial valley of abundance’. Most of us do not labour to produce, hunt or gather our ‘food’, thus we spend no effort nor energy, we merely barter with paper or plastic money. Most of us do not even walk to fetch our food, no we drive – we invented the wheel. I mean, we all know it is really wonderful to eat food and it is indeed essential.

But sadly, many of us know that the bulk of the modern food chain is corrupted and deprived of nutrients, in other words a big portion of the abundance of foodstuff is fake foods that trick and cheat our bodies and keep us (the masses) in a perpetual state of craving and hunger.

This is the reason why many are overfed, overweight, or obese but they are actually starving and the survival reflex forces us to eat again and again. A continuous vicious snow ball effect that slowly erodes our health and vitality. For more information and advice to prevent these propaganda TRICK FOODS, linked find a previous article on this matter.

The result is that more than 50% of the modern western society is overweight and or ‘dis-eased’ with the following modern diet and lifestyle related disorders and conditions for example; overweight, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, tooth decay, ADD/ADHD, heart disease, cancer, etc. The GO NATURAL diet and lifestyle is definitely the solution, but what I recently discovered is that if you want quicker results in recovering to your normal, or shall I say your correct, body weight, then INTERMITTED FASTING is the accelerator. Especially for us over 40 years of age that is not nearly as active as 30 years ago. INTERMITTED FASTING PRINCIPLES All it means is that you restrict your food intake.

The fundamentals of the restriction work like this:

1. You can eat every day in a six-hour window. 

2. You fast or restrict for the next 18 hours after your last meal. 

3. Ideally you skip breakfast. 

4. You therefore only eat in one quarter of the day, a six-hour span. For example, you eat your first meal at 13h00 and your second meal 19h00. 

5. Preferably do not eat in between. 

6. Focus on quality not quantity, only ingest GO NATURAL true foods. 

7. Only eat when you are relaxed. 

8. Eat slowly and chew your food properly.

The reason why intermitted fasting helps is:

One eats less because physiologically we do not need so much food. One just needs to get one’s mind over it and break the bad modern habit of continually over eating. All food and nutrients come with energy, if you are not using all the ingested energy, your body will be storing it for the days of scarcity. Additionally, in more severe cases of ‘dis-ease’ consider going on the Ketogenic diet. In case of severe illness like cancer, diabetes and neurological conditions in parallel with the GO NATURAL diet and intermitted fasting incorporate the ketogenic diet. The basic principle of going Keto is a low carbohydrates and high fat diet, consisting of approximately 25% protein.

You want to switch from sugar and carbohydrates as energy to fat burning, which is a process of ketosis. Cancer cannot survive without sugar and glucose. The end product of fat burning is ketones, which is a powerful brain antioxidant. Furthermore, Ketones are a far more efficient energy source than sugar. No fruits only berries in moderation. Limit or restrict all grain or grain containing food consumption. 

To wrap up, there’s lots of hope (as you will see in the research below), but to summarise, we as westerners are presently in the wrong health gear and mindset. We were born in this faulty, modern, altered and adulterated food dispensation. This has become the new norm in the valley of fake abundance with no effort, we have become used and addicted to too much food and wrong food that in many cases are not food. This is the reason why we look the way we do with the dismal health statistics.

It is catastrophic. We need to change, and I believe, GO NATURAL’S true foods in parallel with intermitted fasting will give you the desired results. It is proven that diets do not work, this is a life style.

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