You might not have the ability or strength to swing like the top golfers, but there is no reason you cannot putt as well as them!

Many golfers focus so much on their swing, forgetting that many of their shots are lost on or around the green. Three 3-putts means losing 3 shots overall – it’s that straightforward.

Thanks to tech like CAPTO Putting Technology, putting has evolved. There are essential principles for putting, but no one-size-fits-all method. Watch the pros, and you’ll see different grips and setups. This article isn’t a strict guide; it’s here to help you understand key elements.

Remember, there’s no one right way to putt. The key is to work out what is best suited to you and how to remove active hands from the equation.

Now, let’s get into some basics:

PUTTER LOFT: All putters have loft, about 2 ½ to 3 ½ degrees on average. Keep the loft consistent through impact – changing it affects distance control.

PATH & FACE: Keep your putting path or track as neutral as possible. If it’s too extreme, you’ll have to manipulate the face at impact, causing inconsistency.

SETUP: Ball position determines the starting direction and launch of the ball as does grip and posture.


A setup too far from the ball can create a very inside path which calls for compensation of the club face in impact and vice versa. Many players have putters too long for them which effects your setup. Check in with your local coach and get assessed.

  1. Too far from the ball which encourages an inside path
  2. More upright setup which encourages a straighter path

Try this practice drill

Two alignment sticks under your armpits and crisscrossing at your grip. The symmetry in your arms immediately improves and the setup is now neutral. Your grip is also less spread over the grip and working as a unit. Hands are the culprit 99% of the time.