THE benefits

GOLFERADE™ HYDRO SPORTS DRINK gives you a “shotgun start” to your round and sustained Hydration to let you “finish strong”. Effective Hydration keeps your mind and body working properly and it’s critical for optimal brain function and muscle performance. Golferade has been scientifically developed to give you maximum electrolyte fuelled hydration.

Electrolytes are essential minerals that are vital to many key functions in the body. They’re vital for health and survival. Electrolytes spark cell function throughout an electrical charge to the body— producing energy and contracting your muscles, The major electrolytes are: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

The pros take hydration seriouslY. so should you!

Potassium Helps the body to use glucose for energy. Insufficient potassium, makes your muscles tiered sooner, slower reflexes, and you may can become “jittery”….no one wants the “yips” on a putt!

Magnesium – Helps muscles function to convert oxygen and glucose – making it critical for strength, endurance and mental focus to endure a full 18.

Calcium – Helps control muscle action giving you increased focus and sustainability during your round.

Sodium – Helps balance the fluids in the body and it regulates blood pressure. It helps by sending nerve impulses to your brain, body and muscles allowing you to get that awesome follow-through.