Made entirely from hand picked chardonnay grapes, Chantelle is a refined elegant Cap Classique, handcrafted in the traditional French method and matured on the lees for a minimum of five years in our Franschhoek Cellar. We pick over 90% of the grapes early in the harvest to achieve the dry crisp flavour so admired in Blanc de Blanc, leaving a small portion of the same crop to mature into full ripeness.

It all started with the dream house

And then a lot of good old hard work

Robert and Michele Bowman had wanted to buy a home in Franschhoek for many years, but the right place which ticked all the boxes proved illusive.
The properties were often too large, too remote or too small with not enough land.

They were really looking for a character full old house with a large garden but close to the village. The old Manor house at La Ferme Chantelle ticked all the boxes, a lovely old Victorian house with front and back stoeps and a large garden, close to the village . It came however with a winery and a vineyard and access to the grapes on the communal estate vineyard . As the house was ideal they bought it lock, stock and barrel and set about learning how to make wine, not just drink it!

How Chantelle Cap Classique is made

Essentially, wine making involves a lot of hard work, maintaining the vines throughout the year and making a lot of judgement calls. It’s these judgement calls that make a great wine. So the end product is the culmination of vine maintenance, the terroir and the wine maker’s skills.