The best experiences often come unforeseen and unplanned.

We’re sitting at the braai with friends and out of nowhere, the question arises… Would I like to play Fancourt Links?

Naturally, you can’t turn down an offer like that! If you are looking for the most beautiful Golf Course in South Africa, Fancourt Links is number one in 2022 and I can only confirm that the golf course is truly first Class. The first morning we meet just before sunrise and set off. It is not as easy as usual to find the golf course. And this is truly an understatement.


We start by looking in vain for signs. We follow a small arrow and shortly thereafter stand at a large gate and nothing would indicate that the top course in South Africa lay behind it.

As we drive through the gate it still feels like a dream. The sun slowly rises as we stand in front of the clubhouse with our bags and there could
hardly be a better Atmosphere.

We were greeted in a friendly manner and shown around the premises of the clubhouse. The joy of being here accompanies us throughout the day, written all over our faces. There is a small putting green in front of the clubhouse and the layout of the area gives the illusion that we are on a links course in Scotland.


At the first teebox, we are greeted again in a friendly manner and gifted a glass water bottle emblazened with the club logo, since no plastic bottles are allowed on the Course. A great Souvenir. We also get a Muesli bar and we are offered a whiskey.

For a moment it strikes me that a bit of courage for a sip of whiskey couldn’t hurt, but it’s still early in the morning… And perhaps a bit early for it.

Just looking at the first Fairway makes you wonder what else can be expected on the Course.

The fairway, currently covered with hoarfrost , glistens in the rising sun . The view sweeps over the dune-like hills and ends in the beautiful Outeniqua mountains, which frame the panorama of the course. It is understandable that you should play this course with a caddy who will tell you how best to play the holes. A successful round of golf is also one of the best memories to be had here.


The whole area is undulating, if you don’t hit the right spot on the fairway, it’s quite possible that you’ll not end up where planned as the shot was not what you had imagined. Concentration is still required on the Greens The shallow contours tend to cause your ball to run in a different direction than you may have planned.