The perfect golf destination, course and facilities are nothing without the public knowing about and therefor visiting it.

The target market not being any Joe Soap but the golfer, and family, who have the means to afford that offering. Courses the world over can have the best of everything but if the playing, paying, public are not aware of them how will they ever be discovered and become popular? The question therefore is how do they communicate this information to the market.


the act of driving profitable customer action

Once you have achieved the perfect product then you need to market it. This is highly simplified as you still need to properly identify your market and work out the best messaging to engage with them in a way to entice them. In basic terms, this is achieved through engaging content supplied to the market through various channels. In a bygone era, this used to specifically be through articles in print, which has now primarily turned to digital online content in the form of words, imagery and video content driven to the market through social media and website content.

Golf is not the only offering

Many of the Mauritian courses and properties have their strategy fine-tuned due to years in the business.
None more so that Constance Belle Mare Plage which offers two magnificent golf courses to the public. Golf is not the only offering as they have numerous other facilities to entice the golfer with the family in tow. They continually manage to create jaw-dropping images and videos of their facilities and courses and then use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – as well as print – to communicate with their market. They also continuously engage with their guests, while they are onsite to take photos and post them tagging the hotel, thereby stimulating the market directly as those posting will most likely have like-minded followers with similar interests.

The Legend Course

Great marketing becomes great leverage

In 2022 their one course The Legend course was rated as the number one golf course in the Indian Ocean by the World Golf Awards. Great marketing in itself and something they will certainly leverage of. Create the product, produce engaging content and finds ways to get this in front of your market.

Mark Sampson has been creating golf content for over a decade.

Supplying courses both locally and further afield in Kenya, Mauritius and Seychelles. His passion for the game, industry and well-manicured fairways can be seen through his fine-art imagery, course promos and hole flyovers. If you would like to engage, check him out on Instagram/Twitter @marksampsongolf or pop him a mail.