Unveiling THE REMARKABLE WORLD of Women and Girls in Amateur Golf

In the world of golf, a sport often associated with tradition and exclusivity, the spotlight is increasingly shining on women and girls in the realm of amateur play. Beyond the grand stages of professional tournaments, a vibrant community of female golfers thrives within the realm of amateur golf, shaping the future of the sport with their passion, skill, and determination.

Amateur golf serves as a vital platform for women and girls to embark on their golfing journeys, offering opportunities for learning, competition, and camaraderie. From regional tournaments to national championships, these events provide invaluable experiences that nurture talent and foster a sense of belonging within the golfing community.

Amateur golf is a powerful vehicle for personal development and empowerment for women and girls.

Beyond the physical aspects of the game, it instills valuable life lessons such as discipline, resilience, and sportsmanship. Through the highs and lows of competition, golfers learn to navigate challenges with grace and determination, forging character traits that extend far beyond the confines of the golf course.

In recent years, initiatives aimed at promoting women’s participation in golf have gained momentum, further fueling the growth of amateur golf among female players.

From grassroots programmes designed to introduce girls to the sport at a young age to advocacy efforts focused on creating more inclusive and welcoming environments within the amateur golfing body – Golf RSA, the landscape is evolving to embrace and support women and girls in golf like never before.

As the enthusiasm for women’s golf continues to soar, so too does the recognition of its stars within the amateur ranks.

Talented young players are emerging as rising stars, captivating audiences with their skill and potential. Their achievements not only inspire future generations of female golfers but also challenge conventional perceptions of what it means to excel in the sport.
The year began with the Border & Eastern Province Open Championship 2024, held at the East London Golf Club. This tournament brought forth the coastal winds, which the young ladies needed to overcome. Zané Kleynhans claimed the first-place honours on a +8.

Following in February was the prestigious SA Women’s Amateur Stroke and Match Play Championship 2024, held at the Modderfontein Golf Course. As a Ladies European Tour venue, it proved to be a challenging track to conquer. The event featured both stroke play and match play sections.

Kyra van Kan dominated the stroke play section, winning with a n impressive score of -8.

Kesha Louw secured second place with a score of -2. Following closely behind, Cara Ford finished third, trailing the champion by 10 strokes and Kesha by four. Gia Raad claimed fourth, one stroke behind Cara. Isabella Ferreira and Lisa Coetzer tied for fifth position.
The Championship Match Play tournament saw the top 32 players, who qualified in the Stroke play championship, battle it out for the top spot. On the final day, Gia Raad and Olivia Wood engaged in a fierce battle, culminating in Gia emerging victorious and raising the trophy high.

Next, we travelled to the Gauteng North Junior Girls Championship 2024 at Services Golf Club. This 54-hole tournament was contested between Jasmine Furstenburg and Kesha Louw, with Jasmine taking the win by one stroke on +7.

The inaugural GolfRSA International Amateur Championship at the prestigious Houghton Golf Estate was a test of skill for the players. This event saw the field shared with the men, providing a great opportunity to showcase the ladies’ skills. Kyra van Kan, shooting a +3, emerged victorious once again with a dominating eight-stroke victory over Crystal Beukes, her closest competitor. Following them were Zané Kleynhans, Ellandri van Heerden, and Lisa Coetzer.

The prestigious inaugural African Amateur Championship (R & A) took place at Leopard Creek Country Club.
Twenty female amateur players were invited from all over Africa.

The winner to earn starts in The Women’s Amateur Championship, Final Qualifying for the AIG Women’s Open, and The Investec South African Women’s Open in 2024, as well as in the Ladies European Tour’s Lalla Meryem Cup and Magical Kenya Ladies Open in 2025.

Once again, Kyra van Kan dominated the field by winning on a -1 to set up her dreams with the various starts that the win brought with it.

Moving on, we attended the North West Women’s Open Championship 2024 held at Magaliespark Country Club.

The 54-hole tournament was won by Lourenda Steyn on -4, followed by Lisa Coetzer in second place. The latest tournament for the ladies was the South African Junior International Girls held at Rondebosch Golf Club. Kamaya Moodliar shot a +4 for thr tournament to take the honours in the junior division, followed by Charlotte Millard and Jasmine Furstenburg, who tied for second place.
The world of women and girls in amateur golf is a vibrant tapestry of passion, diversity, and empowerment.

As they navigate the fairways and greens with determination and grace, these golfers are not only shaping the future of the sport but also leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of enthusiasts worldwide. In their journey through the ranks of amateur golf, women and girls are rewriting the narrative of what it means to be a golfer, one swing at a time.