Balderstone Sports Institute (BSI) has been training champions and changing lives for over 18 years.

Opened in February 2004 by, it was originally called The Golf School of Excellence (TGSE) and offered the first full-time holistic high-performance golf training program in South Africa. Our first female students joined in 2005.

The academy has evolved tremendously over the years. BSI identified a need for additional career options for those players who didn’t achieve a successful playing career, adopting a dual-pathway philosophy through adding College and High School education to the golf training programs.
This has enabled hundreds of graduates to forge successful careers around the world in many different fields.

The second major evolution occurred when TGSE became BSI, as other sports were added to make it a multi-sport high performance training and education institution. BSI is in the process of becoming the premium sports academy in Africa.

BSI Golf offers leading performance coaching and learning whereby they enable young people with a passion for golf to commit to demanding competitive schedules and training regimes without their education being compromised.

The young and talented golfer is offered a professional & focused environment to further develop and hone their skills to perform on the competitive stage. The panel of coaches and teaching staff are internationally accredited offering top-class mentorship and the opportunity to develop to full potential.

BSI provide tailor-made education for talented and dedicated sports-focused high school students and graduated school leavers.


Balderstone Sports Institute Golf Academy trains, nurtures, develops and educates young golfers to perform in the sporting arena, excel in the classroom, and become leaders in business and life.

The golf academy offers world-class high-performance training alongside high-quality education from high school to diploma level, while developing key life skills for success.

Modern-day youth sport demands an extensive competitive and practice schedule, which is not catered for in traditional schooling.