One Breath Closer to your Lowest Round

Performance anxiety is a prevalent and paralysing experience for all golfers, not only effecting performance but also sucking the fun and enjoyment our of our beautiful game. There is however a very simple solution . Learn to breathe.

Anxiety Affects Us All

I think these days there are very few people who are not affected by anxiety. Specifically, performance anxiety is something that golfers irrespective of level deal with, but perhaps because us ladies are emotional creatures, we may be even more susceptible to anxiety. Dealing with anxiety when you are playing is a terrible feeling and can drain all the fun and enjoyment out of our beautiful game. It saddens me to think that there are many people who in the end simply give up the game because of the paralyzing effect of anxiety.


What if I told you that there is something that you can do about this. What if I told you that you can train your ability to deal with stress and anxiety and get great at it, just like getting fit. Would you sign up for training?


Let’s just back up a little bit and talk about our heart, our brain, and our nervous system. Our heart beats a certain number of beats per minute which is called your heart rate. But you must understand that our heart rate is not uniform or perfectly spaced the same time between each beat. The time between two beats is what we call your heart rate variability (HRV).

Your HRV is what determines your capacity to deal and adapt to stressful situations. High HRV indicates that your heart is responsive and can adapt quickly to stress, and a low HRV indicates the opposite.


Unfortunately, our brains work against us when we are under stress. See our brains when experiencing something like the stress of a must make slippery downhill 3-foot putt to win Club Champs, reacts physiologically exactly the same way as if your life is physically in danger.

Your heart rate shoots up, your body floods with stress hormones like adrenaline readying you to react. Another devasting response is that your pre-frontal cortext, the part of your brain that is used for making decisions, shuts down and now you are at the mercy of your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight state).


Scientific studies have shown that a highly effective strategy against anxiety and stress is conscious or precision breathing. The problem is that we don’t know how to breath correctly, using our primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm anymore. Luckily now for the first time we have a training device to teach and train diaphragmatic breathing.

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The Neuro Peak Pro NTel belt is a training device that fits round your chest connecting via Bluetooth to an app on our phone and shows your reathing patterns and real time heart rate variability data. Training for 10 minutes a day strengthens your diaphragm and dramatically improves your heart rate variability, which as entioned before is an indicator of your capacity to deal with stress
and anxiety.

As described by Neuro Peak Pro Director of Golf performance, Andy Matthews, “Neuro Peak Pro NTel belts works with a bottom up approach”.

By using the breath to synchronize your breathing pattern and your heart rate you send a powerful signal to your brain that you are fine and there is no need to switch over to the fight or flight state of your nervous system. LPGA players, Azahara Muñoz and Yeon Ryu both incorparte Neuropeak precision breathing into their training to give them the edge over the field, and so can you.

Mastering your mental state starts with mastering your breath. Mastering your breath will arm you with the power to not
only stay calm more often but control stressful situations. You don’t have to be at the mercy of your anxiety, you can take control, you can take a breath.