As an intern at Pebble Beach, I got an opportunity to work as a volunteer for 6 weeks building up to the 1997 Masters (who could forget this year – Tiger’s 1st win). As a 22-year-old I was excited to take up the opportunity to learn from the master’s themselves. The south is incredibly friendly and hospitable. Your “tournament friends” are much like boarding school friends as you are working crazy hours – on the property for 15-17 hours a day from Monday to Sunday.

The planning for every eventuality (mostly curve balls weather could throw). Great communication & an attitude of gratitude to all those who travel from the dedicated permanent crew as well as the volunteers. The old guard teaches the new as they roll in and everything works like clockwork. There is a wonderful sense of community within the golf industry.

After being the first girl on the crew back in 1997 it was fun to see 4 other ladies on the crew this year.

We are all of the same mindset to get the job done & be part of the great “turfhead” family. The photos taken by my daughter Megs during the practice rounds speak for themselves. Incredible turf quality, detail (as you see the perfect pine straw in the out of play areas), beautiful gardens (each hole is named after the signature plants on the hole as Augusta was once a nursery). The new 13th tee box with its stone wall & gardens is one of my favourite changes to the course.

What a joy it is to be part of this powerful crew of incredible planners & executors able to deal with obstacles that mother nature throws them in their stride.