Written by Briony Haynes

Author Rodney Trudgeon stated “Beethoven’s 5th is like Michaelangelo’s David, a monument to art and humanity”, however, like all great works, popularity and intemperance cause the impact of these great works to become “dangerously blunted”.

South African artist Brendon Edwards believes that these greats must be visualised and reinterpreted in newly creative ways to recapture their stupendousness.


Returning to his home country after his early years in Zimbabwe Edwards studied the Philosophy of Aesthetics and Logic before becoming an artist. His high impact, large scale works can be seen across South Africa and internationally.


Edwards’ most recent work, ‘A Symphony of Spheres – Beethoven’s 5th’, will be installed in Art@Africa’s Franschhoek sculpture garden located opposite the Huguenot monument from September 24th.

The work is a visual representation of Beethoven’s 5th symphony. A masterpiece that encapsulates triumph over adversity, considered by many critics and composers to be the greatest musical composition of all time. ‘A Symphony of Spheres’ is a patinaed steel sculpture that represents opposites: earth and water, man-made architecture and organic flowing forms of nature. Its colour is selected to draw perfectly from the South African landscape and its material to represent every building’s internal skeleton.


The work is a timeless, visual vibration of Beethoven’s 5th transformed into an immersive three-dimensional experience. In explaining his work, Edwards communicates there is more than a man-made and natural connection, something that lies much deeper in human existence.